Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


"Vision statement"


Our vision is to be a leading Nutraceutical, Dietary supplement, Unani, and ayurvedic product manufacturing company in India and a significant global player by providing innovative and effective products at affordable prices.

Nutraceuticals, Dietary supplements, Unani, and ayurvedic products have come a long way in the healthcare industry. Now they are no more confined to traditional mineral, vitamin & anti-oxidant supplementation. The arrival of NGEBNs - New Generation Evidence-Based Nutraceuticals is set to begin a new era and revolutionize the healthcare industry in India. According to ORG IMS today the Nutraceutical, Dietary supplement, Unani, and ayurvedic products enjoy the support of 70 percent healthcare specialists, with one out of four prescriptions carrying one product in these product categories.

Learning from the past, when supplements lost out to prescription products as the former did not have the evidence to back them up, there is a boom in research and development activities, robust scientific back-up, and clinical trial and validation of new nutraceutical entities, all of which is paving the way for major growth in the segment, especially in developing countries.

At Doctor Thangs Herbaceuticals we have decided to add value to this emergent segment and follow our vision assiduously & unswervingly by being the 1st to launch these products in the Indian market.

"Mission statement"


Our mission is to be providing 'The New Generation Evidence-Based Nutraceutical, Dietary supplement, Unani and ayurvedic Products with Unique Features & Differentiating Benefits' to deserving patients in India & across the world.

Our mission is to improve the health of every individual on a global level, and for that, we put every single effort to make premium quality products. Our research team after rigorous scientific research goes deep into the roots of how we can improve the healthcare system and come up with nutraceutical products with natural and pure ingredients. We maintain our product standards according to the national as well as international market and compete with other nutraceutical product manufacturers in India on a global level by improving the quality of our products. As per the positive feedback of clients and increasing sales in India and outside of India we can say that our company will achieve a good milestone on the international level.

Our commitment is noticed in our selection of molecules, in its quality matching the global standards, in its world-class presentation, in its creatively designed communication, and ultimately in its better benefits & predictable results to the end-user. This philosophy percolates in our approach & attitude toward each product.




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