Manufacturing Excellence

Infrastructure at Doctor Thangs Products Coimbatore:

Our production and packing facility comprises of:

Automatic Capsule Loader and Capsule Filling Machines

Pressurized drug Boilers, Double jacketed Kettles, SS fabricated Urli Extraction Unit

Fully Automatic Blister Pack Unit

Fully Automatic Liquid Filling, Cap Sealing, and Labeling Line

Fully Automatic Sachet and Pouch Packing Machines

Semi-Automatic Aerosol Filling, Aerosol Filtration Column, and Aerosol Crimping Machines

Our Quality Control And Testing :

Our Raw Material storage and retrieval conform to best practices relating to Quarantine and Release. We engage in processes relating to the selection and isolation of Herbs and other raw materials.

Our manufacturing facility conforms to Schedule T of the Drug Control regulations. All our products have been issued licenses and a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification by the Drug Controller.

The company's infrastructure is well built with Schedule 'T' Manufacturing Factory Premises as per the Indian Drugs and Cosmetic Act regulations and also complies with the Good Manufacturing Practices specifications. The factory is located in Coimbatore, South India on the National Highway nearer to the airport.

Administrative Office

Dehumidified & Air Conditioned CAPSULE Section

Herbal pulverizing and processing section

Oral Liquids( Syrup) Section – Fully automatic.

Oral liquids processing Section.

De Mineralised Water Plant section.

Raw Material Section ( Both raw and Processed Drug materials)

External Oil Section

Herbal aerosol section

Space provided for Cream / Ointment – Herbal Cosmetics

Analytical & Quality Control LAB

Packing Section – Fully automatic.

Finished Goods Section.

Quality Control Lab

Precise identification of raw material.

Analyzing the raw material with the Standard Monograph raw material.

Standardization of crude raw material by conducting tests such as Macroscopic, Microscopic analysis, Test for active constituents, Limit test for Heavy metals, Extractive values and

Thin layer Chromatography.

Fully Automatic Production & Packing Machinery

well packed, packing technologies as per the standards.

Fully Automatic Blister Packing Machine for Blister packs

Output - 80 strips per minute

Fully Automatic Oral Liquids Section

Extracts from the raw materials are taken using a high pressurized drug extractor, Filtered using 6 membranes layered motorized filtration unit.

Mixing tanks and an Electrical stirrer are used to mix the liquids.

Four head Filling station is installed with an output of 100 bottles per minute capacity.


Solid Dosage
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Granules
Liquid Dosage
  • Syrups
  • Oils
  • Sharbat
  • Arks (Distillates)
Semi-Solid Dosage
  • Oils
  • Gel
  • Cream



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