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Nalen Amla Candy sweet - Richest Source of Vitamin C, Saves the mankind from the clutches of death

NALEN Amla candy is a good source of vitamin C, iron and minerals, it helps to boost immunity, regulates metabolism, helps in hyperacidity, eye ailments, skin diseases, anemia, and blood-related disorders. NALEN Amla candy is rich in minerals and vitamins such as carotene, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and vitamin B complex hence, it is a powerful antioxidant. It protects your body from oxidative stress by Eli. Amla or Indian gooseberry is a popular fruit, which is being used in India since ancient times for its numerous nutritional benefits. Many people hesitate to take Amla raw, thereby ignoring all the health benefits that it has got to offer. Doctor Thangs Herbaceuticals has come up with Amla in candy form known as NALEN Amla candy processed with honey which provides for a sweet taste and also brings along with all the health benefits that Amla has got to offer. It is a dried up form of Amla that tastes great. There are many people who find it quite difficult to refrain from it, once they have it. The amla candy is usually made out of sugar, amla, and glucose, However, we have processed in honey instead of sugar to get the benefits of honey and to make it available for Diabetics.

  • Vitamin C

NALEN Amla candy is a rich source of Vitamin C which is known to boost immunity levels in the body. People who have amla on a regular basis find themselves less prone to fall ill of a disease as they would have built up an effective immune system over the course of time. NALEN Amla candy is also anti-inflammatory in nature and is known to bring down pain and discomfort to a great extent. Vitamin C rich fruit also contributes greatly to maintaining skin and hair.

  • Skin and hair

NALEN Amla candy works like a wonder when it comes to treating skin and hair problems. It is known to be packed with anti-oxidants that is known to fight the body against any sort of issue. NALEN Amla candy fights against the radical and provides for a naturally glowing and healthy skin.NALEN Amla candy is known to have anti-aging properties and by taking amla regularly, one can delay the aging process considerably. NALEN Amla candy is extensively used for treating hair conditions and makes it look strong and beautiful.

  • Cures cough and cold

NALEN Amla candy brings down cough and cold conditions in individuals. It is packed with rich nutrients and provides for instant relief from cough. When Amla juice is mixed with honey and consumed, it is known to be a perfect cure for the cold. Apart from that, there are various other health benefits that this small yet powerful fruit has got to offer.

The best thing about Vitamin C in Amla is the fact that this source of Vitamin is easily absorbed by the body when compared to Vitamins offered by supplements and hence this turns out to be an ideal choice by many. 

The Twist You Can't Resist. Taste the rainbow. NALEN Amla candy sweet ? The smile Maker !

Doctor Thangs NALEN Amla candy is processed with honey. Amla (Amritphal) is popular for decades due to high nutritional benefits and is known as the richest source of vitamin c. it has amazing health benefits, effects for skin, hair and other various health-related conditions. Doctor Thangs NALEN Amla candy is sourced from villages and farmers from Rajasthan. Its processed with pure Kashmir honey makes it better and unique.

Amla is basically an alkaline food, so it helps to balance the stomach acid levels and make the gut alkaline. An alkaline gut is essential for overall health and vitality. NALEN Amla candy, in fact, alleviates the symptoms caused by indigestion, flatulence. It also supports liver function, fortifies the lungs and helps detox the system, besides boosting our immune system and increasing the white blood cell count, the mainline of defence for the immune system.NALEN Amla candy is believed to be beneficial for the skin and hair too, thanks to its high iron and carotene content. The antioxidants amla packs in help reign in free radicals that are known to cause damage to skin cells and hair follicles and premature skin aging and hair loss. NALEN Amla candy also packs in chromium, a mineral that humans require only in trace amounts, but is nonetheless essential for normal bodily functions, such as digesting food. It also enhances the effect of beta-blockers, which help reduce “bad" cholesterol levels. NALEN Amla has therapeutic value for diabetics too. Add NALEN Amla candy sweet in your daily diet to get benefitted from its various nutritional benefits.


Unique Salient Features of NALEN AMLA CANDY
  • High cholesterol
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Vitiligo
  • Bloody diarrhea (dysentery)
  • Cancer & Obesity
  • Cholesterol or blood fats
  • Diabetes & Diarrhea
  • Eye problems
  • Hardening of the arteries
  • Indigestion & Persistent heartburn
  • Joint pain
  • Swelling of the pancreas
Key Ingredients of NALEN AMLA CANDY

| Amla Fruit Green  (Emblica Officinalis ) | Honey | Glucose |

Indications for NALEN AMLA CANDY
  • Excellent source of vitamin c
  • better digestion
  • very useful in pregnancy
  • Very useful in the urinary system
  • increases brain power
  • strengthens the liver and flushes out toxins
  • stops aging, Hairfall loss and Dandruff
  • High antioxidant & enhances immunity
  • Relieves painful menstruation.
  • useful for growing age children.
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • gives us great, healthier skin
  • helps in reducing inflammation
  • Dosing


As such, there is no specific dosage requirement of Dosage and at what quantity should we take amla candy. Being a natural fruit and richest source of vitamin c we should take normally 5 to 10 grams of Amla daily. Being natural fruit can be consumed per day as such there are no contraindications at all.

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