As "Outstanding" Entrepreneur
As "Outstanding" Entrepreneur




The healthy tree which we see today bearing so many fruits, its seed was planted by the man who just had blessings from his family particularly Hir Mother "ASHA" and faith on his side. He had Blessings Of her who worked hard to give better education by Spinning cotton on the wheel just to see his son's future bright ahead. She worked day and night saving the money for fees in private school and for other necessities. She was coming to school every day, standing outside the main gate of the school in order to listen his son's Voice ( reciting Holy Verses of The Holy Quran and singing Naat Sharief ) praising the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)PBUH on school morning assembly with tears in her eyes because of happiness that his son is doing well in school.

After passing high school exams, Mr Sheikh Ziyan Jeelani, with a dream in heart to serve the humanity wishes to get admission in Medical field but low income stopped to do so and started taking education in science, Might be because the destiny had something else in store for him.

Then, at the age of 18 years, Mr Sheikh Ziyan Jeelani got a chance to represent himself from Jammu and Kashmir state in a camp Organized by International committee of Red Cross in Tamil Nadu in the year 2004 where he was given as best Studen Award among 23 states with 240 participants students participated in the camp. He was awarded by then chief minister of the state of Tamil Nadu and was awarded by the certificate by the Worthy Then President of India.

He participated in several debates, conferences and was awarded several times by various dignitaries of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and one by the then Health minister Mr Lal Singh.

He was also awarded a cash award of Rs 1.00 lakh Rs by the then Chief Education Officer on Teachers Day which was held in SKICC in the year 2004.

At the age of 22 years, Mr Sheikh Ziyan Jeelani graduated in Sciences, from Kashmir University.

Being Unemployed and non-availability of jobs in Jammu and Kashmir by choice, he worked as a medical representative for more than 3 years, in an Ayurveda based pharmaceutical company BLUE STAR LABORATORIES PVT LTD of Delhi India, with a mission to cater to the society by means of indigenous ayurvedic and alternative medicines. He developed strong sales & marketing skills and invested those days in learning about herbs, herbal preparations and ways of procedure of making medicines from Ayurvedic classical textbooks and consulting Ayurvedic Physicians.

Then in the Year 2012, He started his own company on the name of THANGS PHARMACEUTICALS for Wholesale and distribution of Unani, Ayurvedic and dietary supplements. The name THANGS is actually a creation of a person who is actually the real founder of Doctor Thangs namely Mr. Ithaya Venthan Who is the owner of Doctor Thangs Products, Coimbatore A WHO GMP Certified pharmaceutical company. Mr Ithaya Venthan has a greater place in our life and Being a Teacher, the boss always appreciated our work as a distributor and always helped us in making the company M/S THANGS PHARMACEUTICAL AGENCY successful. we achieved the success because of cooperation and guidance of Mr Ithaya Venthan who came in our life as an angle and Mr Ziyan Jeelani is always walking on his path, mission and vision. And Gradually with hard work and Consistency in marketing we then developed good sales and was dealing with several companies as stockiest and C&F.

He had a dream to enter into manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and with that dream Then, the year 2015 proved to be the golden year, when he fulfilled his dream by launching a Company, Doctor Thangs Herbaceuticals with a company of Mr. Ithaya Venthan and Mrs. Asmat Ali with a mission to benefit the society with the holistic benefits of Alternative Herbal and Health Supplements.

Doctor Thangs Herbaceuticals was established on 28th March 29015 by Mr Sheikh Ziyan Jeelani as Founder and Managing Director along with Co-Founder Mrs Asmat Ali, with a vision to be the best Herbal based Pharmaceuticals Company globally by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in herbal, Nutraceutical based medicine and treatment and desire to make the society to healthy & happy. He felt that specialists across the country and particularly in the state of Jammu and Kashmir will easily accept the Unani, Siddha, Nutraceutical and Ayurvedic medicines, if these medicines are scientifically-backed, with established safety and efficacy. This was a big dream with big challenges, but he succeeded despite the obstacles.

With his spiritual energy and intellectual power, he focused on converting traditional valuable science into a wide range of successful proprietary formulations dedicated to benefiting society by treating chronic diseases.

Today, Mr Sheikh Ziyan Jeelani has established Doctor Thangs Herbaceuticals, with the cooperation of his technical team, managing staff, manufacturing team, sales team, distributors, his family and particularly the angles Dr.Hkm Naseer Ahmed Shah (Founder of Unani and panchakarma Hospitals), Dr. majid-Ul-Majid and  Mrs Asmat Ali, who gave full support in every state of life, up and downs, gave confidence and held the hands together to make Doctor Thangs Herbaceuticals as an icon known for the outstanding quality of its herbal, nutraceuticals, Unani preparations, which the medical professionals also recognize with pride and recommend them in the benefits of society.

During the tenure of more than 05 years, Mr Sheikh Ziyan Jeelani remains committed to enriching the lives of suffering masses by benefitting them with the herbal and Nutraceutical preparations of outstanding quality. The outcome is the development of formulations with distinct advantages for various therapeutic groups with safety viz. DN-ORTHO, DN-URIC, MADNI, EASE LUTS, CC3 POWER, HIGH ABSORPTION MAGNESIUM, HEALING TOUCH, NALEN APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, NALEN RED GRAPES, SINO-500, etc. which all stood well to the expectations of the medical professionals.

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