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A Natural digestive enzyme, appetizer from Doctor Thangs which gives quick relief from indigestion.

Doctor Thangs A polyherbal formula made of richest selectively herbal extracts which makes Doctor Thangs SENZYME  a unique combination and the balanced combination digestive enzyme shows its great results in abnormalcy of digestion and impaired liver functions and while assimilation of food and absorption of vital nutrients if disturbed. It contains the aqueous extract of ALIUM SATIVUM known as clove garlic stimulates the activity of digestive organs. An effective digestive aid stimulates appetite and improves health has been used as digestion of two extracts containing the organosulphur compounds.

ACORUS CALAMUS in Doctor Thangs Senzyme is used for the treatment of memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, tremors, anxiety, depression, and pain disorders of neurological origin. In addition to its nervine benefits, it is used to treat loss of appetite, loss of desire to eat, intestinal gas, abdominal distension.

PIPER NIGRUM  in Doctor Thangs SENZYME Stomach ailments such as dyspepsia, flatulence, constipation, and diarrhea.

ZINGIBER OFFICINALIS  the Fresh ginger contains 80.9% moisture, 2.3% protein, 0.9% fat, 1.2% minerals, 2.4% fibre and 12.3% carbohydrates. The active components of ginger are reported to stimulate digestion, absorption, relieve constipation and flatulence by increasing muscular activity in the digestive.

moreover, there are several vital ingredients that make Doctor Thangs SENZYME unique scientific-based formulae to prevent gastric discomfort, flatulence and abnormal indigestion of food. Its taste makes it uniquely different. It is a highly active digestive enzyme that acts swiftly and aids digestion in cases of digestive insufficiency and augments it. Doctor Thangs SENZYME Uniques selective science-based formula is a digestive protease that helps break down proteins into peptides and amino acids which can be easily absorbed by the intestines and is one of three principal protein degrading proteolytic, enzymes in the digestive system.SO, people with Dyspepsia, Nutritional Gap, Indigestion, Bloating Loss of Appetite, Malabsorption, Prolonged illness, Bad lifestyle, Heavy meal intake, and Pancreatic enzymatic insufficiency should go for Doctor Thangs Science-Based Polyherbal Product in your prescription

SENZYME - Reignites The Will To Eat....

Doctor Thangs Products SENZYME assures better digestion and Augments the Digestion with the power to Digest Everything. It comes in pineapple flavor that makes its taste to enjoy medicine by children. The extracts in Doctor Thangs SENZYME have a good digestive activity which is used for treating digestive issues like heartburn, bloating, lactose intolerance, malabsorption, pancreatic insufficiency Etc. It catalyzes the breakdown of starch and carbohydrates into similar sugar which can be easily absorbed by the intestines.moreover, it eases the load on the stomach and the process of digestion.

SENZYME - Smart solution for Enzymatic chaos!


Unique Salient Features of SENZYME
  • It helps absorb food better.
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Make the GI Tract comfortable.
  • Ensures overall digestion.
  • Restore Normal enzymatic functions.
  • Assures absorption and assimilation.
  • It helps support the body's own digestive capabilities.
  • Increase appetite.
  • It helps the body generate heat.
  • supports proper digestion.
  • Makes compliance a pleasure
  • Removes flatulence and colic
  • Stimulates bile flow and gastric juices
  • It provides energy and helps strengthen the digestive system.
Key Ingredients of SENZYME


Each Capsule Contains :

| Allium Sativum ||Acores Calamus | Piper Nigrum | Zingiber Officinale | Piper Longum |

| Ptychtis Ajowan | Clerodendron Serratum | Ferula Asafoetida | Cuminum Cyminum |

| Ellattaria Cardamomum | Embelia Ribes


Each 5 ml Contains Aqueous Extracts of: 

| Allium Sativum | Acorns Calamus | Piper Nigrum | Zingiber Officinale | Piper Longum| |Ptychtis Ajowan | Clerodendron Serratum | Ferula Asafoetida | Cuminum Cyminum | | |Ellattaria Cardamomum | Embelia Ribes

Indications for SENZYME
Dosage of SENZYME
  • Adults:

Capsule: 2 – 3 capsules thrice a day

Syrup: 2 – 3 teaspoonful thrice a day

  • Children:

Capsule: 1 – 2 capsules thrice a day

Syrup: 1 – 2  teaspoonful thrice a day


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